We will run a round-table seminar on pricing strategies on February 18. Our invited lecturer is Professor Lidija Polutnik from Babson College, United States.

Lidija Polutnik
Professor Lidija Polutnik from Babson College will speak about pricing strategies that companies can pursue to capture more value.

Here is a short text about the topic of pricing by Prof. Lidija Polutnik:

Pricing is the key driver for improving short and long term profitability.  While in the past pricing received relatively little attention from top executives, times have changed. Due to power of the internet and more intense global competition, pricing commands more top level attention and resources in companies. Pricing policies need to be dynamic and innovative in order to effectively and pro-actively address the ever changing customer taste, and changes in the economic environment. Manufacturing companies needed to address these challenges in their pricing practice earlier as a result of commoditization pressures, and the service companies are quickly following suit. Focus on customer value, measurement of willingness to pay, and importance of communicating value across value chains and segments have all led to many innovative and creative new pricing solutions and practices.