“The Executive MBA programme is an investment that pays off instantly”

14 June 2022

Developing, exciting, interesting – positive adjectives flow when Katarina Brud talks about her experiences of the Executive MBA programme at the University of Gothenburg’s School of Business, Economics and Law after having almost completed two of four terms. Tools that immediately come in handy in her own work and the interactions with the other participants are among what she appreciates the most.

Katarina Brud heads up the MobilityXlab innovation hub at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. She is the first recipient of Göteborgs-Posten’s Executive MBA scholarship, which provides a place on the Executive MBA programme at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

“I am driven by development. We can always learn more, can always be better, and I wanted to develop my role and my leadership skills. When the ad for the scholarship appeared, I thought the Executive MBA programme would be perfect for my needs. It’s great to have been granted this opportunity.”

In the autumn of 2021, she began the 21-month education programme. The programme is part-time, and participants manage their regular jobs in parallel with their studies. It is challenging but also one of many benefits of the programme, says Katarina Brud.

“Since I work at the same time as I study, I can apply my new knowledge directly in my business. That in itself contributes to me learning and developing even more. Last week, we had the Digital Leadership module. It provided insights and tools that I will use in a strategy workshop I will lead this week.”


An unexpected extra dimension

Her expectations of the programme have been met and exceeded. An unexpected yet important part is the interaction with the other participants.

“I appreciate the breadth of the education. The content is exciting and relevant to my business, and also very well packaged. At the same time, I have gained these fantastic contacts, a network of competent and experienced people in different roles and widely differing industries. To be able to discuss everything with them from business development and leadership to one’s own and others’ current challenges is incredibly rewarding and instructive. It gives the education an extra dimension and contributes to me longing for school between the modules!”

“Time in the classroom is a luxury. You leave everyday life, can focus and get time and opportunity to reflect on and really absorb new knowledge.”

Katarina Brud also appreciates how research findings and theories are combined with case studies and practical application. This makes her more confident in using what she learns.

“The programme gives me increased confidence in my professional role. I get new perspectives and angles all the time. Among other things, I have become better at seeing my own and others’ strengths and how we can work together in the best way. The programme contributes to my work speeding up and becoming easier.”


Growing by coping

An Executive MBA education takes a lot of time, and Katarina Brud is clear that it is a challenge to find enough time. But she’s also clear that it’s worth it.

“It is very intense and requires careful planning both privately and at work. But because it is so developing and motivating, it also gives energy and you grow from being able to do it. The programme is an investment that pays off instantly, both to me as an individual and to the business.”


Katarina Brud. Photo: Oskar Lindwall


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