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Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

Companies using many different pricing structures is a testament of the importance of pricing for profitability and a competitive growth enhancement. Which price is the best one?


Lidija Polutnik, Professor of Economics


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Companies using many different pricing structures is a testament of the importance of pricing for profitability and a competitive growth enhancement. Which price is the best one?

Price determination is a top priority for managers in charge of marketing or product strategies for existing or new products. It is also a key variable for CFOs and managers with profit and loss responsibility who have to forecast and manage impacts of pricing changes on financial results. In today’s competitive and global markets it is essential to both understand, and leverage, the relationship between customer value and the costs and competencies required to deliver value. In addition, rapid changes in technology, abundance of big data, and mobile applications, present new opportunities and challenges for the pricing function in organizations.

Many organizations are transitioning from selling products to selling services and solutions and experimenting with a variety of pricing techniques. Innovations in pricing such as subscription plans, flat rates, freemiums, and two-sided platforms, have become very common. These new business models present a need for organizations to develop new pricing models and performance metrics with competencies to monitor customer value, and success metrics for monetizing innovations.

Föreläsare: Dr. Lidija Polutnik

Lidija Polutnik is Professor of Economics at Babson College, in Boston, MA. She is also a Visiting Professor in the Applied IT Department, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr. Polutnik has done research and consul­ted in the area of pricing, revenue management and strategic cost management. Her research and work in this area is based on the analysis of the relationship between the firm’s costs and customers’ value and the influence of this relation­ ship on the firm’s profit. Her work has been published in numerous academic journals and books.

Dr. Polutnik’s work in non­profit companies is focused on their financial sustainability and best­ in­ class practices. She currently serves as a board member and the treasurer of Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, MA.

Target group:
Business leaders interested in the performance of the pricing function in organizations.

Date and place: May 29-30, 2023 – at the School of Business, Economics and Law


  • Introduction: Best Practice in Pricing
  • Exercise: Methods in Pricing


  • Value Based Pricing
  • Market Segmentation and Versioning


  • Review of Day 1 Reflection
  • Competitive Dynamics in Pricing
  • Group Exercise: Pricing simulation


  • New Pricing Models and Innovations in Pricing
  • Applying the work


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