Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company, headquartered in Gothenburg and quoted on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 1985.

Latour’s main business concept is to invest long-term in companies with their own products and brands, with a great development potential supported by global megatrends and with good prospects for internationalization.

To further develop managerial competencies and skills, in 2017 Latour initiated a collaboration with the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Nominated executives follow a tailored custom programme, the Latour Executive Programme (LEP), during almost one year, preparing them for increased future responsibilities. The programme is also designed to increase Latour’s ability to retain key competencies.

The Latour Executive Programme is delivered entirely in English and combines academic rigour, professional expertise and a high degree of lasting practical relevance. Examples of topics covered are digitalization, sustainability, business model innovation, crisis management, pricing, organizational culture, communications and change management.