Termin 3 – Navigera i en föränderlig värld

Innovation Management

Discusses different approaches to the realization of ideas and developmental ambitions and how one carries out large structural changes and creates conditions for innovation and business renewal. Focus is put on companies’ learning and knowledge development.

Intellectual Property Management

Provides an introduction to the fundamentals of intellectual assets, property and capital from a business context point of view. In particular the concept of the knowledge economy will be discussed in relation to the transformation of industry towards knowledge-based business models.


During this module, we will explore the idea of sustainability in relation to the reality of business. How can companies integrate sustainability concerns in their strategies and practices? You will be provided with perspectives on how to understand sustainability how to relate it to your company’s business strategies.

Environmental Economics

Provides participants with knowledge about key concepts, tools and insights from behavioral, experimental and environmental economics. Applications of relevance for managers will be used throughout the module.


During this module you will learn how to develop and promote entre- and intrapreneurship.

International Development

Analyzes the continuously occurring processes of change in the globalized industry from a historical perspective with innovation theory as a point of departure. Using international examples, emphasis is laid on the consequences of the service economy and digitalisation for industrial transformation.

Reflection on Managerial Practices

One-day seminar where an invited CxO-level guest shares experiences and/or a real-life case, connecting to one or more topics covered during the past term.