Termin 1 – Från strategi till handling

Strategic Management

The strategic management module covers the important analytical approaches that are used to make business strategy decisions and the process through which these decisions are made and implemented.

Organisational Structure and Culture

Enhances understanding of fundamental perspectives on, and theories of, structures and cultures of organisations and how these need to be aligned with strategy.

Management Accounting

Looks at profitability and value-based models and how these link to the operation of the organisation. Covers areas such as company formation, divisionalisation and decentralisation of economic responsibility.

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Provides the main concepts and tools of qualitative and quantitative methods, such as participant observation, interviewing and content analysis as well as sampling and data handling. The module provides insights on how to use these methods in the manager role.

Organisational Behaviour and Leadership

This module conveys different aspects of leadership and group dynamics. You evaluate and develop your own and others’ leadership by sharing and concluding during joint reflections and feedback sessions.

Change Management

Provides a framework to manage corporate change by enhancing the understanding of key parameters that drive and resist change. Participants will develop practical skills to implement sustainable change.

Reflection on Managerial Practices

One-day seminar where an invited CxO-level guest shares experiences and/or a real-life case, connecting to one or more topics covered during the past term.