Alumni & testimonials

Here are what some of our alumni are saying about the Executive MBA programme.

Dina Petranovic, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Executive MBA 2016-2018

“You get energised from doing something that is so fun and developing. I remember those Saturday mornings when I got up early and went to the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. The streets were empty. As I approached the School, I could see some other people on the streets, and it was my classmates who were coming in from all directions! It was a wonderful feeling!”

Johan Burtus, Morakniv AB

Executive MBA 2017-2019

“The Executive MBA programme gives you a solid ground to stand on. You become more confident in your leadership, in the management team and in the boardroom.”

Johan Hallenby, Viscus AB

Executive MBA 2017-2019

“Thanks to the constant application of new skills and ideas into your operations, a great deal of the hours spent studying are actually directed as much to your own company as they are to the programme itself.”

Anna Pohjanen, Region Norrbotten

Executive MBA 2017-2019

“In order to manage my area of the public sector, which is Health Care, in the best and most responsible way possible I needed firm ground under my feet. I expected to acquire valuable insights as well as the formal competence that I need. The mix of experienced fellow students from various backgrounds and very competent teachers was like a greenhouse where learning can thrive! I simply didn’t want to be an ‘amateur boss’ anymore.”

Iqbal Musaji, City of Borås

Executive MBA 2017-2019

“I enjoyed the programme immensely. You meet and bond with participants from different walks of life and with different experiences, a group which is challenging, sharing and caring at the same time.”

Anna Appelqvist, Gina Tricot AB

Executive MBA 2016-2018

“Just do it! You are in for a ride which will help you manage the future in better ways, both for you as an individual and for the company you represent.”

Matti Ahlqvist, AstraZeneca

Executive MBA 2015-2017

“For each of the 24 programme modules, examination is based on applying new skills and tools. That is by far the best way to internalize such new skills, something I brought into my new site director role.”

Julia Lamskemper, Jäckering GmbH

Executive MBA 2011-2013

“When I was comparing various international MBA programmes outside Germany, I came across the Gothenburg Executive MBA and was attracted by the part-time study commitment and the Asian focus. By participating in this programme, my employer expects me to develop my personal skills and bring them back into our daily work life to create new possibilities for the company and to become qualified for the top management level.”

The alumni network

Once you have obtained your degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law, you are forever an alumnus of the School. You can contact us regarding our research, education or other activities, as well as the opportunity to take part in seminars and to make use of our Career Service for recruitment of new graduates.

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