Change Management

An accelerating pace of change in the surrounding world places new demands on companies and their individuals. The ability to adjust and sometimes radically change operations based on new conditions is required to succeed.


Senior Lecturer Jonas Fasth

Study time:

2 days




16 900 SEK (excl VAT), lunches included

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An accelerating pace of change in the outside world places new demands on companies and their individuals. The ability to adjust and sometimes radically change operations based on new conditions is required to succeed. Studies show that up to 70% of change projects fail to achieve the set goals. The main reasons are rarely technical problems or lack of resources. What is missing, however, is often an active and visible leadership. Implementing a change process and working effectively with change management requires preparation, control, and management.

In the programme, elements of lectures are interspersed with discussions. The purpose is to build the participants’ own understanding of change leadership, and to offer tools and methods for driving and succeeding with change management.

Based on both research findings and their own and other participants’ experiences, the participants develop their individual and concrete change model to use in future change projects.


Faculty: Jonas Fasth

Jonas Fasth is a researcher and senior lecturer in business administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. His research is mainly about how leaders involve employees and external actors in strategic work, how companies handle crisis situations, and leadership challenges.  Jonas also has experience from working in group management and boards in knowledge-based organizations. The assignments have primarily consisted of developing the working methods and competence of businesses regarding strategy and change management. He is also a consultant with a focus on growth and strategic processes in companies.

Based on both research and over 25 years of experience as a consultant, he has published five books within the fields of growth and strategy work.

With experience from business and academia, Jonas’ competence is both theoretical and concrete, which enables him to create a rewarding link between academia and business.


Target group:
All leaders who drive change.

NB: The programme is delivered in Swedish.



Paving the way for change:

  • understanding the challenges of change
  • different perspectives on change and the role of leadership
  • identifying the drivers of change
  • the importance of having the right people on board for the journey
  • mixing personalities with a genuine desire to develop



To control change:

  • the framework of change
  • the importance of a clear direction and reasonably challenging goals
  • to identify and focus on what is critical


To control change, continued:

  • to create causal chains between goals and activities
  • governing with meaningful values
  • the importance of balancing planning and learning



To lead change:

  • the role of the leader during change
  • creating conditions for performance
  • the RIIK model
  • the importance of dialogue
  • the importance of symbolic leadership


Date and place:
April 24-25, 2024 – at the School of Business, Economics and Law


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