Business Model Innovation

There are many corporate success stories that go back to an innovative business model: Pixar won seven Academy Awards without a single human actor in any of the films and Netflix reinvented video rental despite not owning a single physical shop.

Business model innovation refers to challenging the way customer value is created, delivered and captured. However, so many organizations are struggling with thinking outside of their own industry logic. They experience difficulties in thinking in terms of business models – rather than technologies and products – and lack systematic tools.

In this two day programme we will explore the possibi- lities to design, challenge and change the business model of your company. The objective is to provide both tools and frameworks to work with your very own business model innovation, as well as using group work and facilitated discussions to challenge the way you see customer value.

Allmänna villkor för anmälan till öppet program:
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Date: 14-15 october, 2 days
Faculty: Rick Middel
Language: English

Target group:
Executives and managers seeking to develop novel ways for their company to create, deliver and capture value.


  • How to develop indepth insight into customer value by
    understanding the job of the customer,
  • Empathizing with the customer by systematically discussing the
    pains and gains of a customer, while doing his job, and build new insights.


  • Link customer value insights to developing one or more
    value propositions.
  • Explore opportunities to improve, develop or expand your
    company’s offer in terms of products and/or services.


  • Focus on the business model, which uses a combination of
    graphics, text and numbers to describe the rational of how an
    organization creates, delivers and captures value,
  • Using the proven Business Model Canvas as a systematic tool
    to describe and visualize your current business model.


  • Focus on opportunities to innovate the business model by
    introducing triggers for change,
  • Explore how these triggers change the business model and
    which elements will be impacted the most (as Steve Jobes once said: “a little paranioa doesn’t do any harm!”).

Price: SEK 15 800 (excl VAT)
Language: English
Location: Handelshögskolan, Gothenburg, Vasag. 1, sal C32
Date: 14-15 october, 2 days

Faculty: RICK MIDDEL, PhD, Senior lecturer

Rick Middel works as a senior lecturer at the School of Business,
Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and more specifically At the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship his research interest concerns innovation management, business model innovation, creativity and innovation diffusion.

He is currently responsible for the Master level programme ”Innovation and Industrial Management”, in which he teaches and guides graduate students in different courses and for which he has received the Best Teacher award.

Rick has also a vast experience as a programme manager and lecturer in customized in-company executive programmes for organizations like Volvo Cars, SKF, IKEA och Investment AB Latour.