“Now I am prepared to approach new challenges”

March 18th, 2016

Patrick Lexér of Bulten testifies to a demanding yet rewarding Executive MBA programme. On graduation day in June, 2015 he expresses excitement, but also sadness over that the programme has come to an end.

“I would say that it has been a very rewarding experience, not only through classes and lecturers but also through the peer to peer discussions. In general I think the main takeaway is an increased business self-confidence as I now have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of a company as well as I am more prepared to approach new challenges”, says Patrick Lexér.

Patrick Lexér, Vice President Global Purchasing at Bulten Fasteners AB. Executive MBA class of 2015

“To put it simple, we have not only learned what to do, rather we learned how to do it and how to approach challenges. The programme as such has been very exciting even though the balance between work, studies and family sometimes got a bit stressed, especially during the final term when we focused on our thesis”.

“My feelings about the graduation is mixed, on one hand I am excited about facing new challenges in work life where the skills gained from the Executive MBA programme will come to use, on the other hand I feel a sadness as the programme has come to an end. I will definitely miss the enthusiastic lecturers, the new ideas and of course all the good friends from the class”.

Patrick Lexér
Home organisation Bulten Fasteners AB
Job title Vice President Global Purchasing
Executive MBA class 2013-2015

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