Interview with HRM professor Jessica Bagger

9 February 2021

Jessica Bagger is Professor of Management at California State University, Sacramento. She is a long-time lecturer on the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme and responsible for the Human Resource Management module. In this short interview we asked her about her impression of programme participants and view of HRM in light of the corona virus pandemic.


You have been lecturing on the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme since 2015. What impressions do the participants to the programme usually leave you with?

Executive MBA participants are committed, collaborate, and intellectually curious. They have great questions and conversations! Plus, class meetings are always fun and we laugh a lot! Teaching in this programme is a highlight for me.

What is the best advice you can give to anyone who has decided to apply to the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme?

Identify a clear goal of why you want to go earn an Executive MBA degree. When the program gets challenging or stressful, focusing on that goal will get you through the challenging spots. I also recommend being open minded and trying things outside your comfort zone. That’s where learning happens and where you will get the most from the programme.

Your area of expertice is Human Resource Management. How has the corona virus pandemic changed the view of this field?

Everyone knows that it is the people that make the place. I think the pandemic has truly illustrated the importance of people and our people management systems. In my view, having a well designed or a poorly designed HRM system really mattered for how well companies handled the immediacy of the crisis as well as recuperation from this (now) ongoing, low simmering crisis.


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