India – more than untapped business potential

8 April 2016

Executive MBA graduate Karin Broman looks back on the ten-day residency in Bangalore, which included a module on creative leadership and a crash course on how to do business in India.

“The module in India was a true journey for all of us. We travelled to this subcontinent and learned so many things about Indian society, about doing business in India and about leadership. Beyond that, we gained a deeper understanding of the larger journey of life that each and everyone of us is pursuing.”

The first part of the India module was spent in the relaxed and beautiful setting of the campus at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, starting off with introductory lectures and panel discussions about India’s development.

“We learned that there is huge business potential in India. There is an annual output of 1,500,000 new engineers and 65,000 new medical doctors. This, combined with a steep increase in the level of literacy, from 12% in 1947 to 74% in 2013, means there is greater potential to find local people with skills and knowhow who can be employed in companies set up through foreign investment.”

Karin Broman, Executive MBA class 2012-2014

The second part of the module included leadership.

“As in other leadership programmes, the journey you make as a leader was the focus of attention and the notion of context was emphasised. We spent time learning more about concepts such as vision, values, clarity and context. In the group, we were asked to present our self-image in the light of these concepts and define who we are. An easy topic you might think! Who knows that subject better than me? It turned out to be a tough assignment. It was a starting exercise that triggered further thinking. As a result of the workshop, we created deeper bonds within the group.”

“Returning to Sweden after a very interesting module, I had a profound, warm feeling in my heart that I would return to India to explore more of its countless treasures and enjoy its friendliness and peacefulness. And I will also explore business potential in collaboration with companies in India, as this will give me further reason to return. I realise that there are many reasons for going there, as it has much more to offer than simply untapped business potential.”

Karin Broman
Home organisation CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology)
Job title IP and Innovations Director
Executive MBA class 2012-2014
Educational background Bachelor of Science in Commercial Law