I’m surprised that it is so much fun!

18 February 2021

Tina Resch, Vice-president and COO of Liseberg, began her Executive MBA programme at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden, last autumn and has now participated in six programme modules. “It’s great fun!” is her enthusiastic answer to the question about what she thinks of the programme so far.

“It is so rewarding to study with the professional experience I have now. When I studied for a master’s degree in business and economics, I often experienced the content as quite abstract, but now I can connect the theory and the practice.”

Before the start of the programme, Tina Resch had some expectations about the challenges the education would entail. She has been pleasantly surprised.

“I’m surprised that it’s been so much fun! It doesn’t feel heavy, even though the effort required from me is considerable. I also thought it would be more dry and academic, but we have very professional lecturers with strong connections to the business realities we have to deal with.”


Demanding and energizing

Another expected challenge was that the Executive MBA programme is given in English.

“Swedish is my working language so I was a bit concerned about the programme being in English, especially the written parts. Now I know that’s nothing to worry about if you have a normal basic knowledge of English. It sorts itself out. The vocabulary grows over time.”

The biggest challenge for Tina Resch is to keep a balance between the time she needs to spend on the education and the time needed to be a manager and be part of a family.

“The programme requires both time and energy. It really is a 50% commitment; you have to realize that. But you also get so much. The programme gives me energy!”


Direct benefits from new knowledge

The corona pandemic has led the programme to be delivered online for now.

“It was frustrating at first, but it has actually worked out better than I thought. The lecturers really know how to engage us through the screen, especially the last two, Jessica Bagger and Pekka Mattila. However, I would prefer it if we could be together physically in the same room.”

In the latest module, Professor Pekka Mattila from Aalto University in Finland lectured on Change management. Liseberg has been hit very hard by the restrictions in the wake of the corona pandemic, which makes change work highly relevant for Tina Resch.

“Life is a continual change process and, at Liseberg, basically everything is in a state of change right now. The new tools and the knowledge from the programme will be applicable immediately. We got very concrete tips and much of the module had a clear connection to reality. In addition, the programme means that I get to pause and reflect on this new knowledge, which is very important and useful.

For Tina Resch, the group also plays an important role:

“I not only learn from the lecturers but also get a lot of knowledge in the exchanges with the other participants.”


Tina Resch


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