IKEA of Sweden

IKEA of Sweden, based in iconic Älmhult, is the company within the entire IKEA group responsible for global business and product development. In 2017, IKEA of Sweden’s HR managers chose a custom leadership programme from the School of Business, Economics and Law as a means to reach new levels within the field of business development:

“IKEA has a strong business orientation and we are striving all the time to improve. This programme is another step to increase our level of professionalism and competence when developing the IKEA business,” says Christina Stenberg, HR & Competence manager, responsible for the programme procurement and co-design.

16 participants, all qualified HR managers from different global business areas, participated. The design and schedule of the programme created optimal conditions for shared learning over time. As a side-effect, the group constituted itself very nicely.

With a programme duration of ten days, scheduled over eight months, each day was designed around a carefully selected topic in line with IKEA’s business priorities. The lecturing faculty were researchers and experts in their respective areas, mostly from the School of Business, Economics and Law, supplemented by two professors from the Netherlands and the US. The entire programme was taught and delivered in English.

IKEA lauded the programme’s pedagogical structure, which has given the group access to the depths of the world of research and new perspectives on key trends in society. They also appreciated the efforts of the School to make sure all lecturers properly understood IKEA’s reality and the way they run the business. Our programme director made sure that all of the modules of the programme were adapted to IKEA and, being on-site on every occasion, assured the IKEA learning experience throughout.

“Our inspiring discussions and reflections across a broad range of business topics have given me entirely new perspectives and tools. The programme has reinforced my business focus and my commitment to make a difference” says programme participant Marléne Sinclair Ståhl, HR & Competence Manager.