“I pay attention to events and aspects of society in a new way”

1 December 2020

October 1 was the start date for the Gothenburg Executive MBA 2020-2022 and the participants have now completed their first three programme modules. So, what is it like to attend an Executive MBA? Sofia Necander, a trained doctor and self-employed, shares her impressions after the initial months.

“The education is very rewarding. It’s fun and engaging, and very interesting to have discussions with the other participants, who all have different backgrounds but similar visions and future plans.”

With her medical education, Sofia Necander is more of a specialist than a generalist. She believes that the Executive MBA programme enables her to broaden her perspective.

“This education gives me a more strategic perspective. For example, I notice that I pay attention to events and aspects of society in a new way and reflect on how they affect the business world from new angles.”


Sofia Necander

Challenging and developing

Participants on the Executive MBA programme study while working full-time in senior positions. Sofia Necander emphasises the importance of incorporating the studies into everyday life, and sees benefits from this challenging task:

“It’s tough to balance studies and working life, but I was prepared for that. I like it when there is a lot going on. It stimulates development and I am forced to change my way of working and become more efficient. The amount of work, on top of my normal job, is both challenging and motivating.”


Broad starting point pays off

Another insight a bit into the first of four semesters is the importance of adopting a broad perspective on the purpose of the studies.

“The programme gives more if you do not only focus on your current role but dare to broaden your horizon to include many different types of companies. Then, you absorb new knowledge and methods in a much better way.”


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