Executive MBA graduates in 2014, Björn Axelsson and André Knüppel developed their joint Executive MBA thesis into this book, which explains the complexity of how multinational corporations manage their subsidiaries. By using qualitative research methods the authors present a conceptual framework, which makes it possible for decision makers to understand and manage improvement areas in the cooperation between multinational corporations and their subsidiaries.

It was during Axelsson’s and Knüppel’s Executive MBA studies at universities in China and India that they decided to write their book. It provides guidelines for management teams, global organisations and local subsidiaries as to how to increase the efficiency, speed and commitment in the implementation of strategies.

The authors are both active in Scandinavian industries. Björn Axelsson is currently an HR Director and has been managing various HR organisations. He is also a member of the Executive Faculty at the School of Business Economics and Law in Gothenburg.
André Knüppel is currently the CEO of a management consulting company. He has previously been the CEO of various subsidiaries in multinational corporations.

How to be a winner in glocal management