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Programme support

To ensure that you will get the most out of the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme, we support you through a range of services.

Dedicated Programme Directors

Each cohort is supported by either Dr. Roger Schweizer (left) or Dr. Andreas Diedrich (right). They will be there for you in every classroom session and during the overseas modules to make sure you have a fruitful learning experience.


Our Executive MBA Programme Directors: Roger Schweizer and Andreas Diedrich

Experienced Coaches

A core element of the Executive MBA programme is our individual coaching, adding depth to your personal and professional development. We have a highly trained group of coaches with various backgrounds in leadership and management, ready to offer you sessions that integrate learning from the programme and to further accelerate your personal development.

Coaching 1 600

Our coaches, from the left: Ulrik Lork, Jonna Alfredsson, Hannah Larsson, Mette Anthonsen

At the start of the second term, our coaches will introduce themselves and present coaching as an instrument of leadership. Executive coaching has proven to be a successful tool in strengthening the capacity to deal with change and other leadership skills. It develops individuals’ ability to take action, while accepting that there is often a lack of total visibility regarding all the issues at hand. It also develops the ability to work with conflicts, paradoxes and dilemmas in order to find new solutions and move ahead.

During the introductory meeting with our coaches, you will be able to select the one with whom you want to work. Naturally, individual sessions are tailored to your needs but, in general, you will be challenged to see patterns in your own behaviour and identify the available options. Individual sessions may also provide you with an opportunity to practice your own coaching techniques, which will be useful in your professional leadership.

We are proud to offer these executive sessions as a means of providing you with new perspectives and new sources of motivation, based on improved self-knowledge.

The offer:
• Lecture during the second term on coaching as a leadership tool
• Up to three individual coaching sessions (60 min) with a professional certified coach who has extensive experience.

Expected outcome:
• Gives you structured time for profound reflection
• Deepens your learning and clarifies how you want to use it in practice
• Inspiration from different perspectives – your own or that of the coach
• Determine actions to take and follow them through – with confidential support

Useful learning facilities

Partcipants are supported with several learning facilities, for example, the Economics Library, the Finance Laboratory and a web-based learning platform (see below).

Web based learning platform

We know that our Executive MBA participants have requiring jobs. To facilitate the balance between job and studies, we have a virtual learning platform for the programme as a complement to the face-to-face environment in the classroom. We use a web-based learning platform that supports a social-constructionist framework of education. The learning platform allows:

  • Viewing and downloading handouts,
  • Creation of an on-line community among participants,
  • Chat, forums and discussion groups,
  • Blog,
  • Messaging between participants,
  • Communication with the faculty,
  • Working with group assignments,
  • Joint creation of documents using wiki technology.

Additional services

The Executive MBA programme has a defined scope. We have discovered that some participants request additional services that go beyond the Executive MBA programme standard package. Given our resource base, we are able to offer such services. These optional services will be charged separately.

Personal coaching – a key instrument for your personal leadership
Executive coaching has shown itself to be a successful tool to both strengthen the potential of each individual manager to deal with change, and to enhance their leadership skills. Within the defined scope of the programme, a limited number of coaching sessions are included. If you have the appetite for more coaching, our certified coaches will help you.

Brush up your English
If you feel that you need to brush up your English before beginning the Executive MBA programme we offer intensive English courses. Our partner is a UK-based communications company – a professional organisation that has helped practicing managers from across the globe.

Chinese business culture and language
For those of you who want an accelerated learning curve regarding China, we offer tailored, one-on-one training programmes that include Chinese business culture and basic language skills.

Customised services for your company
During the Executive MBA programme you may discover that you need help in developing new capabilities in your home organisation. We can tailor a customised solution that fits your needs. Past experience shows that such interventions accelerate change and improve performance.

Asian business library
If you feel that you want to create a resource library at your home organisation, we can supply a package of selected books about leadership, management, culture and business in Asia.

If you are commuting to Gothenburg and need a place to stay during the on-campus modules, we can recommend a wide variety of hotels in all price ranges located within walking distance to the School of Business, Economics and Law. Please contact us for quotations and more information.

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