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“I became a more daring and more reflective leader”

Magnus Mott, Sörred Energi, Executive MBA class of 2006

All my life, I have enjoyed interacting with people and taking on professional responsibilities. The Executive MBA programme I took 2004 – 2006 was something I actively looked for as a step in my professional development. Today, I am the Managing Director of Sörred Energi AB, a subsidiary within the Göteborg Energi group.

The part-time schedule and Gothenburg as a location both suited me well in the phase of life I was in during my programme, from a personal and business perspective; I could continue to work in parallel, and the local on-campus sessions meant a minimum of time spent away from my family. While on the programme, I appreciated the possibility of reconnecting with the University and being inspired by a broad faculty.
Teaming up with fellow participants to deliver on group assignments allowed me to create trustful, personal relations that have continued to survive to this day.

What I did not realise in preparing for the programme was the level of personal development it would also mean. Looking at my post Executive MBA performance, I would say the Executive MBA programme made me a more daring and more reflective leader. The programme definitely fulfilled my expectations and it was a good investment for my sponsor.

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