Market in Bangalore during the Executive MBA 2016-2018 residency in India.

Term 4 – Renewing business

Residency in India

To promote a global perspective, the Executive MBA programme includes an eight-day residency in India where seminars at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore are combined with company visits.

Creative Leadership

Delivered on site during the residency in India, this module explores how competitive advantage can be built through devoting more time to creative leadership. You study ways organizations can facilitate creative thinking through structural design and encouraging leadership styles.

International Business

Deals with the internationalisation of companies and the threats and opportunities involved in operating on a global scale. You will address issues like local adaptation and global integration, managing knowledge transfer, and cross-cultural communication.

Elective Courses

Before starting your thesis work, you will be requested to choose one of the elective courses Global Leadership, Organisational Change or Management Processes. Your choice of elective course will allow you to obtain a solid scientific underpinning for your thesis work, including literature studies and research-oriented round-table seminars.

Elective 1: Global Leadership

Examines the role of managers in a globalised world. The module explores organisational behaviour, leadership and strategic decision making in both international and multicultural contexts. You will acquire new managerial tools within these areas.

Elective 2: Organisational Change

Enhances your understanding of implementing strategies and emphasises the role of managers when handling challenges related to cultural and structural change such as knowledge transfer, intraorganisational conflicts and cultural clashes.

Elective 3: Managing Processes

Companies rely on a portfolio of management processes. This course examines managerial work by focusing on managerial tools such as Balanced Score Card, Big Data, Social Media Optimisation, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Business Analytics.


The final term is devoted to a thesis work, carried out individually or in pairs under the supervision of instructors from the School. We expect participants to apply theories from the programme to practical problems in their professional life. The work is conducted over the last two terms with regular group meetings to review the progress of each thesis. At the end of the term, the master thesis is presented for opposition in the Executive MBA group.