"I am impressed by the blend of local and international faculty of the programme"

Peter Mähler, Roll-Royce Marine Services, Executive MBA class of 2010

When enrolling to the Executive MBA programme in 2008, I was proud to have an engineering career well underway. At the time in my third leadership position, I had already had the privilege of spending three years expatriated to a Rolls-Royce subsidiary in Scotland. There I was part of the management team. However, to take a next step in my development, I had a clear desire to better understand the interplay between the different functions of a company.

The University of Gothenburg offered an Executive MBA programme that was perfect for that purpose. Both the curriculum and the group discussions contribute to giving me a holistic view of how companies work to create and deliver value. Here, I so appreciate the way group assignments are delivered in different groupings of participants, from term to term. In a way, that very much resembles how project work is carried out in companies.

Discussions in the groups are always intense and reflection afterwards leads to enhanced performance. I am impressed by the blend of local and international faculty of the programme. The faculty members can make a strong link between their research and business today, in responding to questions with illustrative, down-to-earth examples. My sponsor fully shared my vision of acquiring new skills in order to develop professionally. It is obvious, that the work load of the programme is considerable. I sometimes say it is by no means “a walk in the park” and I would recommend anyone contemplating it to discuss that fact openly, both with family members and with the company.