"There is immediate application of theories. On the first day, I could see the benefits and apply what we learned to my work"

Hanna Konyi, Mktmedia, Executive MBA class of 2012

Hanna Konyi, Business Development Manager at Mktmedia, a company in the Stampen group, has just finished the first year of the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme and she is very pleased.

“I was nervous on the first day, but it did not take long to set myself into the training. It was valuable to learn business English, especially now that Stampen is moving towards internationalization” says Hanna.

“The lecturers fly in from around the world, and they maintain a very high standard. My favorite so far has been the two courses with Professor Gideon Kunda from Israel, who works with organizational and cultural change”.

“The programme also includes field trips. We will go to India in January, 2012 and recently we went to Hangzhou and Shanghai in China to study supply chain management. The schedule was tight but fun, with lectures, company visits and group work. The trip was about how to do business in China, which is quite different from here” says Hanna.

Fantastic mix of participants

The best thing about pursuing an Executive MBA when you work like Hanna is that you can relate what you learn in class to your daily work immediately. That is very different from being a young full-time student.

“There is immediate application of theories. On the first day, I could see the benefits and apply what we learned to my work” she says. “There are also great networking opportunities with the other participants. The admission process makes sure that there is a good mix of participants. This enables good exchange among participants ranging from managers in the public sector, managers in the heavy industry to the managing director of a church, and myself working in the media industry.”

It can be hard enough already to cope with both family and work. Studies can make it even harder in one’s life balance. However, Hanna has managed to fit the studies into her schedule. Most parts of the education take place during working hours but sometimes in the evenings and weekends at leisure time, with group work and a lot of readings.

The scheduled training is concentrated from Thursdays to Saturdays, every third weekend. The programme structure works very well according to Hanna. “My kids are grown-up, the youngest one is 16 years old. I think it has worked very well to get it together with the family, but we discussed it first in the family before I applied. I believe that one should be careful to do so.”

Who would you recommend to join the program?

“Everyone who works with business and management, especially senior managers” says Hanna. "It's a very strategically oriented and broad programme, with direct connection to daily work that many may find useful. The programme covers leadership, how to make investments, business, business language, marketing, IT investments, HR etc".