Voices of our alumni and participants

Here are what some of our alumni and participants are saying about the Executive MBA programme.

Never wants to stop learning

Jonas Kihlberg, Vinci Energies Sweden West, Executive MBA 2011-2013

Executive MBA adds confidence in leadership role

Joakim Lindholm, Altair Engineering, Executive MBA 2016-2018


Executive MBA – a life-changing experience that provides the right tools

Björn Axelsson, Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions, Executive MBA 2012-2014


“The thesis is a fantastic opportunity” New findings relating to digitalisation challenges in recent Executive MBA thesis.

Christian Grante, Combitech, and Nicholas Feeney, Cochlear, Executive MBA 2020-2022

“The Executive MBA programme is an investment that pays off instantly”

Katarina Brud, MobilityXlab, Executive MBA 2021-2023

Unexpected benefit from working on the Executive MBA programme thesis

Ulf Johannesson, Arcam, Executive MBA 2014-2016

Well prepared for the Executive MBA – and pleasantly surprised

Mattias Nilsson, Stena Recycling, Executive MBA 2021-2023

The Executive MBA strengthened an already successful career

Dina Petranovic, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Executive MBA 2016-2018

Executive MBA injects positive energy and new ideas

Johnny Stieger, SKF, Executive MBA 2017-2019

“The Executive MBA programme gives you a solid ground to stand on”

Johan Burtus, Morakniv, Executive MBA 2017-2019

Education with a wow feeling!

Sara Sönnermyr, Åbro Bryggeri, Executive MBA 2020-2022

“Think like a CEO” – knowledge that adds value for employers

Anne-Cathrine Thore Olsson, Volvo Cars, Executive MBA 2014-2016

The Gothenburg Executive MBA – more leadership than management

Andreas Krona, Talkamatic, Executive MBA 2020-2022

I’m surprised that it is so much fun!

Tina Resch, Liseberg, Executive MBA 2020-2022

“I pay attention to events and aspects of society in a new way”

Sofia Necander, Mewics, Executive MBA 2020-2022

“So far, each module has led me to question how we currently do things”

Benjamin von Jahf, Ehrab Group, Executive MBA 2020-2022

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