Executive MBA – India 2019 visit

On January 7-16, 2019, the modules Understanding India in Transition and Creative Leadership took place in Bangalore, India. In the group of 25 Executive MBA participants from the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, the vast majority had never been to India before. Thus, most of us were pretty excited, ready to explore and embrace a new country and its culture.

The modules were arranged in a very professional fashion, starting with a business outlook including, but not limited to, putting India in various contexts such as history, culture, politics, legal and finance. The first module was held at the campus of Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) in the bustling city of Bangalore. At the campus we were also given the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with MBA students at IIMB, as we joined in a common dinner. Each morning started with a yoga class, which was a great way to get the body and mind prepared for the lectures. In the evenings we explored Indian culture, among others by visiting a music show and later also an unforgettable dance performance.

The second part of the module was held at a hotel downtown, where professor Ramnath Narayanswamy led various lectures targeted towards improving our leadership abilities and skills. The module was more of an inward journey in comparison to the business lectures at IIMB. Starting each day with a meditation session, we continued identifying our core values, passions and potential road blocks preventing us from taking the next step. The Executive MBA class bonded tightly during these sessions as we shared both our passions and fears with our fellow participants.

The Executive MBA visit to India was truly educational and inspiring. We learned that India is more of a diverse continent – built on 29 states, with more than 20 languages while embracing all major religions – rather than a unified country. In Bangalore, we faced major contrasts ranging from poverty, wild traffic and cows walking the streets to highly successful and professional corporations such as Infosys and Titan. To most of us, the lectures in India also set in motion an inner journey exploring our strengths, passions and fears. With new insights and learnings we have a wider set of tools to embrace life in a bigger context, both from a private and professional perspective.

Johan Burtus, Executive MBA 2017-2019



Executive MBA 2017-2019 class at IIMB.


Morning yoga at IIMB.


Street cow.


Musical performance.



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