Emerson invests for the future

13 February 2017

Emerson has an established process for nominating its key talents to the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme. Once a year, all department managers nominate their most promising managers, and the top nominees are interviewed by members of the leadership team. The best candidate is then selected to attend the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme with full financial support.

“By nominating talents to the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme we develop the future leaders of Emerson. Since we are a global company, the Executive MBA programme is an effective way for our employees to acquire a broadened international business perspective. A nomination is an investment for the future and a way for us to retain high-performers. Within Emerson, an Executive MBA is seen as a stepping stone for key talents interested in an international career”, says Maria Rosbecker, HR Director.

Maria Rosbecker
Maria Rosbecker, HR Director, Emerson. Photo: Nettan Kock

Emerson’s Executive MBA participants all have extensive managerial experience when entering the programme, and they are eager to immediately apply their new skills in their daily work:

“The combination of Executive MBA courses gives our employees a holistic view of management, which allows them to develop strategic skills that are compulsory in more senior positions. Once graduated from the programme, they are motivated to take on new challenges and ready fort stretch assignments within Emerson”, Maria Rosbecker continues.

Maria Rosbecker can clearly observe how the Executive MBA experience energizes nominated employees and motivates them to pursue new challenges within Emerson:

“Most of Emerson’s Executive MBA participants enter the programme with the ambition to accelerate their career, and so they do. For instance, one recent Executive MBA graduate is now a member of the company leadership team”, Maria Rosbecker adds.

There are several features of the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme that appeal to Emerson when sponsoring their key talents:

“The mix of backgrounds and the diversity of the participants contribute to the building of fruitful professional networks, bringing experiences from different companies and functions. Another advantage for us is the concept of course modules and the concluding master thesis that brings everything together very nicely. Finally, accreditations are important to us since they demonstrate the quality of the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme compared to other business schools and their programmes”, concludes Maria Rosbecker.