The Engagement Model - 

how to set up your custom programme


Start of dialogue The first item on the agenda for us is the nature of the impact of the programme. What does your organisation want to achieve? From an articulation of this impact we can begin our journey.

In most cases, we create a core team that consists of expertise from our organisation to work with you and your team. This core team works with a common goal: to implement a high-impact programme.

Design process We then create a concept design, including a multitude of learning elements, such as assessments, lectures, coaching, simulations and project assignments.

The elements of this concept design are then refined to create a programme that works in practice, including staffing, facilitators, project sponsors, literature, virtual environment and practical issues like planning for venues and travel.

Staffing and practical issues You will have access to researchers from our business school and our international partner universities. For each programme there is an appointed Programme Director who is also the facilitator tasked with making the programme a coherent and an exciting journey of learning.

Delivery and evaluation Along with the delivery of your programme, we help in the continuous monitoring of its quality. Quality monitoring is integrated in the delivery processes, where we undertake regular review meetings with you whilst ensuring the impact of the programme, both in the short and longer term.