Experiences from the Previous Game Executive Programs

What people say

"Finland has the best game developers in the world. In order to power up business even more, we need leaders with strong commercial skills. The Game Executive program supports that effort." Sonja Ängeslevä, Game Industry Expert "Absolutely helpful insights into the game startup scene. I learned the essential skills for leading a game startup and the things you need to think about in order to be successful." Participant, Game Executive Spring 2014 "The program was extremely successfully drafted and executed. It covered all the major topics needed to build a successful business for the gaming industry. Even if the lectures seemed a little off-topic from the game industry perspective, I've learned that they might still become handy at some point. The game industry is still a young industry, and will transform more towards other industries as time passes. Thanks to this program, we now have the sense of how to react and adapt to that, at least at some level." Participant, Game Executive Spring 2014 "This program opened my eyes. I thought that I knew pretty much everything about the issues I need to take into account in my business. I did not know. Now I know better. For me the most important and useful aspects were learning together and sharing experiences." Participant, Game Executive Spring 2014