Programme Design, Governance and Delivery

Programme Design At the design stage of a programme, we establish a close customer relationship, to actively engage in building our understanding of the true business context of our customer. That close relationship will serve both parties well throughout the delivery and governance of the programme. In-depth interviews with all relevant stakeholders will result in identifying prioritised development needs and in defining development objectives. Based on the interview findings, we then create a baseline programme design. This outlines the structure, the main topics to be covered and the areas of specific academic expertise required for delivery. Typically, a custom programme is divided into four modules, delivered over the course of six months. Each module runs for 2–4 days. Between modules, the School interacts with participants through facilitated virtual meeting sessions. We take great care to ensure the performance impact of each module: individual managers and the management team as an entity are often required to develop capabilities to plan and take action in innovative ways. The programme is adaptable even as we finalise its design. Experience tells us that about 20 – 40% of the design should be adapted during programme delivery, in order to accommodate findings that occur during the first few modules. Programme Governance A steering group is formed consisting of a Programme Director and of executive level managers from our customer. The purpose of this steering group is to approve of the early programme design, adapt changes to the design made during delivery and review completed modules with feedback from participants. The Programme Director appointed is responsible for the overall integration and delivery of the programme, and works closely with both participants and the steering group. He or she is invariably a senior academic and a subject matter expert. Programme Delivery Although most of our customers have a presence in the Nordics, programme delivery can take place in any location worldwide, and it often does. The delivery schedule is entirely aligned with our customer’s agenda. We take great pride in this highly adaptive programme delivery capability that we offer. To this purpose, the University of Gothenburg has built a global network of academic partners, from which lecturers and group work facilitators of our programmes can be sourced. Today, this network counts 150 universities worldwide. In cases you will be able to read more about three of our customers and how custom programmes have enabled them to develop and execute new strategic initiatives.