Custom Programmes

The School of Business, Economics and Law (SBEL) at the University of Gothenburg is an established provider of executive education, enabling leaders and executives in the private and public sectors to develop new capabilities, relevant to driving the continued success of their operations.

Custom Programmes complement our leading Executive MBA programme and our Open-enrolment Programmes as cornerstones of our executive education portfolio.

Please see below examples of earlier programmes.

For whom?

Talent management organisations of our customers invest in Custom Programmes to offer focused, cost-effective competence development of executive or leadership teams within virtually any corporate function (HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Legal, R&D).

We design our Custom programmes entirely according to customer needs. It is a process of co-design, through several consecutive iterations. Programmes are anywhere between 2 and 15 days long, normally subdivided into modules and delivered over 3-9 calendar months. Delivery in English or Swedish is one of many design parameters.

Programme benefits

Executive or leadership teams participating to any of our Custom programmes will:

  • Learn to manage complex strategic and operational realities across all topics/fields included through design
  • Experience an in-depth update on the latest management research findings
  • Combine academic rigour with practical relevance, often applied in real-life project assignments designed into the programme
  • Enable trustful networking within and across corporate functions in the groups of 16-20 participants.

What sets us apart

  • As an executive education provider, the quality of our programme deliveries is based on our School’s Triple Crown accreditation. We are proud to be the first such business school in Sweden and one of only 121 in the world
  • Programme lecturers are leading researchers from SBEL and from our partner universities worldwide
  • Programmes can be designed to award individual academic higher education credits (hec)