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Why it matters – A closer look at our programmes

In today’s globalised world, a number of universal driving forces affect the evolution of both consumer and business behaviours. Some examples:

  • Changing demographics, with ageing populations in Western countries and with a rapidly growing middleclass in many emerging markets,
  • Increased environmental awareness influences the way companies have to innovate their entire value systems,
  • A continued expansion of wireless internet connectivity, of both people and devices, increases information transparency, triggers business model innovation and enables entirely new products and services.

How will business opportunities evolve as a result? What will distinguish companies who succeed from those who do not?

Companies that succeed have managed to reach improved levels of awareness on how to adapt strategies, and on how to assess their capability gaps in terms of organisational, leadership, talent or professional development. Only once assessed can the change processes needed to close those gaps be laid down and implemented.

Hence, it is critical to move faster to innovate and to pursue new opportunities and defining strategies with even higher levels of ambition. Making sure implementation of strategies is carried out with increasing levels of organisational courage and strength will be decisive for the success of companies.

The School of Executive Education
The School of Executive Education is a university-based provider of custom programmes for management development.

The majority of our customers are companies headquartered in the Nordics – such as Volvo Car Corporation, SKF and Finnish UPM – or large global companies with a considerable presence in the Nordics.

Customers particularly value our approach of designing highly tailored programmes, firmly centred on real-life business challenges and using actual company data as input.

We always combine academic thought leadership with practical relevance.

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