Conscious, courageous leadership

For leaders at all levels who want to develop themselves, their team, and their organization based on increased self-knowledge – and who need time for reflection and an update of one´s approaches to leadership.


Mette Anthonsen, PhD, and Senior Lecturer Rebecka Arman

Study time:

2 days




17 900 SEK (excl. VAT), incl. lunches and dinner (accommodation not included)


Increasingly, organizations need to calibrate cultures and adjust operating procedures to handle change. Focus is shifting from mere performance to including relations, which emphazises the need for personal development as part of professionalism. Increased self-awareness, structured reflection, and the capacity to self-lead and manage  your attention enable  questioning of and acting from new perspectives.

The programme offers:

  • Research-based knowledge on how and why self-leadership and conscious presence make you a better leader
  • Tools and tips on how to manage your attention, on your own and with others, based on Mindfulness and Systemic Organizational Constellations
  • Training in self-awareness, conscious presence, reflection time and tapping into your courage to be able to use it in your work

Through active participation in exercises, you get access to tools that you have already started using. You also exchange experiences with other leaders who face similar challenges in their work.



Mette Sjöberg Anthonsen

Mette facilitates different aspects of learning coupled to personal and professional development, for individuals as well as for groups.

She has a BA from the Danish School of Journalism, an MA in International Studies from the University of Reading in the UK, and a PhD in political science from the University of Gothenburg.

After a time as Programme Manager of the Quality of Government Institute at University of Gothenburg, she made a career change to work with self-leadership, learning and coaching full-time. She has previous experience as an academic programme director of executive education programmes for Investment AB Latour and SKF, a role she fills with attention to participants’ needs and high level of professional delivery.

 Alongside her engagement at the university, Mette runs her own consulting company, specializing in coaching of individual executives. She works with public and corporate customers and has a global client base.

Rebecka Arman

Rebecka is a former nurse and works since 2010 as a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Rebecka conducts research about organizational development and leadership, especially in the HR field, both in the private and public sectors.

 She teaches leadership, team development and communication. Rebecka prefers to lead experience-based learning, creating a lot of space for the exchange of experiences. Since 2009, she practices Mindfulness and meditation daily.

Target group:
Leaders at all levels who want to develop themselves, their team, and their organization based on increased self-knowledge – and who need time for reflection and an update of one´s approaches to leadership.


NB: The programme is delivered in Swedish.



The programme is designed to engage participants in an atmosphere of  psychological security. Theoretical perspectives are interspersed with practical exercises in Mindfulness and systematic constellations and sharing of experiences among participants. We meet on three occasions.

The programme addresses, among other things:

  • How to balance management of day-to-day operations and a more strategic, reflective leadership
  • How to develop your courage and consciously use it in your professional role
  • How to create common spaces for reflection and personal and professional development in your organization

*Subject to changes in programme content







Date and place 2024:
May 6 1 hour online, May 16 11:00 AM – May 17 01:00 PM at Sankt Jörgen Park, Gothenburg, and in August 1 hour online (date will be decided during the programme at Sankt Jörgen Park).

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