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    A mindset for lifelong learning

    A mindset for lifelong learning Within the global industry of business schools, mid-October means leading schools from all continents gather for the annual Executive MBA Council global conference. This year, I took part in the Madrid event October 14-17, together with another 357 participants from 140 business schools in 31 countries. Living what we preach, […]

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    Is a professor with holographic telepresence still a professor?

    May 14-16, Sweden and Stockholm hosted the 2018 Global Conference organized by AMBA, Association of MBAs. Deans and programme directors from Business Schools all over the world convened to share experiences and to get updates on Executive MBA programme best practices, on AMBA’s direction and on innovations from the global MBA industry. AMBA is a […]

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    Outer chaos vs. Inner peace

    It was a great learning journey with the Executive MBA 2012-2014 group at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). The first impressions that I had of Bangalore, India were “crazy driving”, “chaotic traffic condition” and “dirty and broken pathways”. We were told that “Everything you find that is true about India, the opposite is […]

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    The Sven Lovén Centre

    The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences is the marine infrastructure organisation of the University of Gothenburg. It is located on Tjärnö island, about 2 hours drive by car from Gothenburg. Founded in 1963, it is still the largest marine science centre nowadays and it has been the biggest national park with a marine focus […]

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