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  • AMBA certificate

    The work that preceded our AMBA Accreditation

    Our school has been AMBA-accredited. It was formally announced by the Association of MBAs in connection with the Asia Pacific AMBA conference that was held in Hangzhou, China.

  • Coffee break discussion with Profs Wei and Ye

    The future of the MBA in the Asia-Pacific region

    The Association of MBAs arranges both global and regional conferences. The Asia-Pacific regional conference was hosted by Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China on November 27-29, 2013.

  • blog_seoul

    More than smartphones

    Samsung is the Korea’s largest conglomerate and consists of more than 60 companies. The revenues in 2012 were USD 268 billion, which corresponds to 23% of Korea’s GDP.

  • Hyuandai assembly plant in Asan

    Cars come to life at Hyundai Motor Company

    Our discovery of Korea continues. Today, we have had a combination of academic lectures and a field trip to a Hyundai manufacturing plant.

  • Gangnam

    Learning from a tiger

    Korea is an economic miracle. The growth during the past 40 years has been remarkable and the country is one of the, so called, Asian tigers. Is it possible to learn from Korea? Yes, it certainly is. After half a year of preparations, we are now in Korea where we run a six-day Korea Business […]

  • Majestic Maersk

    The world’s biggest container ship

    There is an economy of scale of using bigger cargo ships. By doing so, it is also possible to reduce the environmental impact. Danish shipping company Maersk is now the operator of the world’s biggest container ships. The company has ordered 20 ships in the Maersk Triple-E class series from Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine […]

  • Bengt Järrehult, SCA

    Business Model Innovation

    The notion of “business model” has a long history. In short a business model defines the “architecture” of your business, i.e. it defines how your business is structured and how revenue, value and information flow between your company, your suppliers, your partners and your customers. There is a growing interest in looking into how business […]

  • Bhanu Potta

    Mobile e-Learning at the Base of the Pyramid

    The notion “Base of the Pyramid” refers to those 4 billion people who have an annual income of less than 3,000 USD. Thanks to the penetration of mobile telephony among these people new educational opportunities have emerged. Mr. Bhanu Potta is an educational specialist who works at Nokia. He and his team have created a […]

  • amba_ipads

    AMBA Conference in Warsaw

    Business schools compete with each other but they also co-operate. The Association of MBAs is an international, non-profit organisation that promotes the MBA degree. The organisation works closely with business school and arranges both global and regional conferences that let people from business schools come together and discuss how MBA programmes can be further improved. […]

  • Professor Sudha Ram

    How Twitter looks

    Is it possible to visualize how Twitter messages propagate in cyberspace? Yes, it is. The other day, Prof. Sudha Ram (University of Arizona) gave a presentation at the School of her research about news messages. Thanks to raw data that have been made available by the company Twitter, Prof. Ram has analyzed the propagation of […]

  • Axel Wolf

    Business model innovation in the health-care sector

    The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care (GPCC) conducts research of how patient care can be improved, regarding the quality of care and the care efficiency. We work together with GPCC to develop and deliver customized training programmes to medical departments at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The training programmes, called Person-Centred Care in Practice, are […]

  • Starbucks Coffee at Huashan road in Shanghai

    An untapped market for coffee

    Starbucks Coffee is present everywhere in the major coastal cities of China. In spite of high prices (30 RMB (3.70 EUR) for a grande caffè latte), the outlets are often crowded by both Chinese and westerners. City people tend to like the lifestyle of coffee. Now, Starbucks intends to open more outlets in cities away […]

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    We are EQUIS-accredited

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    We are AACSB-accredited

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    We offer Sweden’s only AMBA-accredited Executive MBA programme