Bengt Järrehult, SCA

Business Model Innovation

19 September 2013

The notion of “business model” has a long history. In short a business model defines the “architecture” of your business, i.e. it defines how your business is structured and how revenue, value and information flow between your company, your suppliers, your partners and your customers. There is a growing interest in looking into how business models can be reconfigured to improve business performance. The External Relations organisation at the School arranged a full-day seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship on September 18, 2013. The focus was on business model innovation and the participants got the chance to try out ideas during interactive exercises.

Bengt Järrehult, SCA
Bengt Järrehult, Fellow Scientist Innovation, SCA Hygiene Products presents how business model innovation can be used to improve business performance.

Karin Broman, Free Wheel Consulting
Karin Broman, Free Wheel Consulting, tries out a new business model for the Police.