An executive MBA-student in Veckans Affärer

9 July 2015

Veckans Affarer

In the June week 25 issue of Veckans Affärer, I develop my vision of how to apply Big Data technology on societal challenges and how to take advantage of current and future technological possibilities to render the logistical solutions around social responses (such as disaster response) more effective, to increase our understanding of social issues and to find new, innovative solutions to contribute to a better and more inclusive society. 

I have lived, studied and worked in the USA, Africa, East Europe, and Asia for almost two decades but recently returned back to Sweden, joining the Executive MBA program at the University of Gothenburg, which has an Asian emerging market focus. This program has given me many new global perspectives and greater understanding of emerging markets – especially China and India – and it has sharpened my strategic tool box. I have also gained new insights on Africa, having focused my thesis on the topic of doing business on the African continent. It is with these new lessons, perspectives, and strategic tools – together with many new professional contacts – that I now look forward to a new professional chapter on the global arena of ever-increasing complexity!

Please read more in the article in Veckans Affärer!

Annika Kjellgren, Executive MBA graduate of class 2013-2015