Visit from the Shanghai Economic Management College

September 21st, 2012

Mr. Fan Peng, Vice President of Shanghai Economic Management College and Per-Olof Larsson, Managing Director of GU School of Executive Education

A group of six delegates from the Shanghai Economic Management College visited us on 7th September, 2012. The delegation consisted of the Mr. Fan (Vice President), Mr. Xu (Director of President’s Office) and some professors. They first visited the Business Region Göteborg  and then accompanied by Mr. Ulf Landin,  Director of International Relations to visit our office.

Shanghai Economic Management College shared with us their interesting project “manager exchange” between China and other countries. This is a challenging while inspiring project. Managers from China will get a chance to go abroad to pick up similar experience from another continent. Likewise, Swedish managers will also go to China to learn about the Chinese management practice. This is a mutually beneficial project  for both companies, but how to execute and match-make the managers is the key. Currently, Shanghai Economic Management College is having this exchange project in several countries.


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