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Term 2 – Managing functions

“How to manage important functions of a company”


Provides an overview of legal requirements on financial accounting; IFRS , US GAA P, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and local requirements in different jurisdictions. You examine the role of accounting in periodic stock market reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and stock offerings. You explore issues facing both reporting companies and accounting users.

Corporate Finance

Analyses how to best allocate scarce financial resources to investments, or to finance a company as a whole, while managing risk and return. You learn to use accounting information and internal financial data to carry out quantitative assessments to prepare investment decisions.


Examines the challenges in developing, articulating and delivering value to your customers. You examine the means to establish customer intimacy through new web-enabled tools. You will apply methods for market planning, positioning, segmentation, pricing and brand management. You will evaluate pros and cons of different marketing and sales strategies at hand in a globalising world.

Residency in China

To promote a global perspective, the Gothenburg Executive MBA programme includes an intensive one-week residency at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China as part of the module on Supply Chain Management. The residency in China is scheduled for the month of April.

Supply Chain Management

Focuses on the planning and execution of physical product flows, how to manage a multitude of inter-organisational relationships along the value system and how to minimise the environmental impacts of transportation. You will cover functional areas such as production planning, physical distribution, logistics service provision and freight. The module is also a primer on process management.

Human Resource Management

Focuses on the strategic role of Human Resource Management (HR M) in an era where talent is a source of competitive advantage. Topics include best HR M practices, employer-employee relations and HR organisation. Studying globalisation, outsourcing and global labour markets, the module takes an international outlook and underlines issues of corporate social responsibility.

Digitalization and IT Governance

Strengthens your managerial Information Technology (IT ) related competence as IT is a key element of the value chain in companies today. You learn about modern ways of organising the IT function, methods for IT investment evaluation and processes that secure the business benefits from IT.

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