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Four terms that will change the way you view business

The programme is designed to access the latest management knowledge, to build the skills needed to address your current business challenges as well as to exploit new business opportunities. Such truly ambitious objectives require an equally ambitious and focused curriculum.

In four terms over 21 months, we will offer you the possibility to develop a profound understanding of management and leadership, of how the various functions of an organisation interwork and how they can be effectively managed. We will also explore the financial, legal and social ramifications of business management in a globalising world and of how modern leadership can make a real difference in reinventing businesses. During the fourth term, the programme includes the writing of a thesis corresponding to 15 ECTS. Twice during the programme we will travel to Asia, to obtain an up-to-date perspective on undertaking business there as well as experiencing Chinese and Indian cultures first hand. The topic of this thesis is carefully selected by the participant, the sponsoring organisation and the School.

Term 1 – From strategy to action
Term 2 – Managing Functions
Term 3 – Succeeding in a globalised world
Term 4 – Renewing business

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