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Alumni & testimonials

What is it actually like to participate on the Executive MBA programme? What does the programme give you as a participant? And what may happen after you have graduated?

Here are the stories of some of our Executive MBA alumni:



Julia Lamskemper, Jäckering GmbH, Germany, Executive MBA class of 2013

“When I was comparing various international MBA programmes outside Germany, I came across the Gothenburg Executive MBA and was attracted by the part-time study commitment and the Asian focus. By participating in this programme, my employer expects me to develop my personal skills and bring them back into our daily work life to create new possibilities for the company and to become qualified for the top management level.”


Ulrika Bromander, Pedab Group AB, Executive MBA class of 2011

“During my career, I have touched upon a range of business and leadership topics. Still I felt that my competence was fragmented. Thanks to the Executive MBA programme I have tied the topics together and now I have a comprehensive view and confidence to run a complete business. Most home assignments have been related to my own work and my organisation has benefited from the outcomes”.


Juan Carlos Chávez, G-8D, Mexico, Executive MBA class of 2011

“The world is changing faster than ever. By understanding the global business context, you can manage these changes effectively. Asia is now a big part of this context and thus necessary to integrate in our business reality to remain successful.”


Ulrik Thelin, Whirlpool, Sweden, Executive MBA class of 2010

”Since joining the Executive MBA programme in 2008, I have more than doubled my total compensation and accelerated my career. Today, I am Engineering Director at Whirlpool and Member of the board at Whirlpool Sweden AB. This year, I have decided to nominate one of my employees to the Executive MBA programme.”


The alumni network

Once you have obtained your degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law, you are forever an alumnus of the School. Then you will receive continuous information about the School, partly through our annual report and also by means of digital newsletters. You can also contact us about our research, education and other activities, as well as the opportunity to take part in seminars and to make use of our Career Service for recruitment of new graduates.

We are now working extensively with developing the alumni organisation; among other things, a web-based alumni database has been launched together with the whole University of Gothenburg. This means a lot of advantages for you as an alumnus. For example, it contains a Career Service for the School of Business, Economics and Law alumni, where you can advertise for new co-workers and look for jobs.

To read more about the alumni database and create a log in, use the link below. If this is the first time you log in, first click “Register”. Then you fill in your personal number, and your user data (user name and password) will be sent to you: via e-mail if you give an e-mail address, otherwise via ordinary post.

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